Looking Forward

Photo Credit: jordirierola.com
  • Alvin Kato

    The season does seem like its over. But there’s still some spice in the form of driver shake ups that will make the end of 2016 a little bit interesting, particularly where Neuville ends up.

    But for the real action, you are right when you say it seems this is it. 2017 seems more exciting and with 5 manufacturers I feel like its 2000 and 2001 once again :)

    As always thanks for article Jason, its been AGES before you posted, don’t do this to us again :/

  • Jason Anthony

    Thanks Alvin! It has been awhile.. I’ve been spending the time watching sports car racing due to the long break for the WRC. I’ll try to be a bit more active in the future! Cheers!

    • FuchsrohreWRC

      Watching Sportscars……you know it makes sense…..So much variety and so many series.

      I watched the live Power Stage and thought it was a bit ‘non exciting’. Nothing up for grabs, no battles, not the greatest advert for the WRC it has to be said. And, yet again, very little live TV action. Another event with only 1 stage live; and when the event was basically over. Where was the live action on Friday??

      I don’t have a huge problem with the format; people have become far too used to seeing every event as the same. There was a time when events were varied. And we used to have midweek WRC events. Can you imagine that now? I think for some events it could work, but no promoter would dream of doing that.

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