5 Bold Predictions for 2017

  • Alvin Kato

    Good article as always Jason! But I’ll have to disagree with predictions #1 and #2.

    First the Citroen issue. There is no question their car is good, but I don’t think they have the best driver line up. Of the 3 only Kris is a note worthy challenger but he too has consistency issues, and without sounding like a hater, even though he won 2 events last year, those wins were “charity wins” based on road position. Now that the rules are fair, and given that he was complaining about his road position in Wales, I don’t think he can match Ogier mentally when it comes to winning.

    And both Green and Lefebre are question marks. True Breen has pace, but what happens when the pressure is on? As for Stephane Lefebre, he is guilty of over pushing it to his personal detriment, he reminds us of Kris Meeke 2 years ago. Putting Stephane in a C3 in Monte Carlo and Sweden ahead of Breen was a bad call….

    Finally the most important issue, MSport and reliability issues. Jason you need to remember that this is the same Sport that brought a Ford Focus in 99, and had Colin McRae in 2nd place before being disqualified for a technical infringement, Colin went ahead to win the Safari in the car’s 3rd appearance. Given that MSport have had very lack lustre half a decade I doubt they’d screw this up by having an inconsistent car.

    True Ogier has had n’t enough testing time, but who among the crop of current drivers is best at adjusting to circumstances? Personally learning a new car and adjusting to it is less taxing than road sweeping for 2 whole days for 14 events. Ogier has seen much worse, he knows he can’t perform miracles but that won’t stop him from trying.

    Again everything is unpredictable but let’s wait and see!

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