I’m Not Skeptical Anymore

  • oregonwings

    The presenter means everything. Even if the content is the same world feed of coverage, the quality of commentary that Mike Chen will bring will be a massive improvement over Jon Desborough. As you stated above, Mike comes off as intelligent, humorous, and incredibly enthusiastic about our sport. Most importantly its genuine and you can tell. In contrast Desborough’s commentary comes off as fake and phony full of idiotic puns and it feels like he’s treating the audience as stupid. I’m very excited to see the new show.

    • Jason Anthony

      Plus, you might not hear “Dungannon” quite so often with Mike! :-)

      • oregonwings

        I was horrified when I heard Desborough’s voice come on the new RedBull.TV coverage, but thank goodness it was only for mere seconds at a time showing the overall standings or for a quick hand-off to Paul King for the stage coverage. It’s a great start, but I think Red Bull needs to take it further. I like the on-stage action, but please oh please stop the commentator (King in this example) from trying to make it sound like he’s seeing it for the first time. This is a highlights show and we all know it is past tense. Don’t give us a fake “oh look what just happened” because it sounds stupid and your audience is intelligent enough to know how stupid it is. They should go back to the storytelling format used in the early 2000’s which I think worked very well. Oh, and that stage 3 description by Mike Chen with the moving graphic following the entire route was beyond brilliant! I want more of that!

        • Dar

          As long as Paul King is in the mix I’m OK with the coverage. I agree too about the early 2000’s storytelling format. Much more engaging/entertaining.

  • Jamie Arkle

    Yep, mightily impressed by Red Bull’s coverage, it feels like the WRC has finally found a package that works and does the action justice.

    Side note, does anyone know the name of the techno track played in the background between stages/when displaying the results? It sounds ace from the few seconds I’ve heard so far, now I want to listen to it in full.

  • Bernard Martin

    I’ve only found out RB TV was covering WRC after the Mexico event. I am a fan of the sport and thankfully we have a really good coverage now, I love it. Mike Chen is a great presenter and after watching the documentary about him competing at the Wales Rallye 2016 you truly have to give him the creds.

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