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Interview: Jérémie Billiot aka Planetemarcus

Anyone remotely familiar with WRC and Internet probably ran into this man’s work – photos and videos from WRC events and test sessions or countless tweets, always bringing latest news and very relevant links to photos, videos and basically anything that is in any way related to World Rally Championship from various sources all over...


Interview: Stefan Walker aka FullySideWaysRally

With majority of WRC and IRC events being held in Europe it’s no wonder we tend to think of rallies as European only sport, with some exceptions around the world. Needless to say, such thinking is wrong – rally is truly international sport and it is extremely popular in all corners of the world. Even...


Interview: Andrew Coley

Among the many people involved in the major rally championships, such as World Rally Championship or Intercontinental Rally Challenge, I somehow always enjoyed what Andrew Coley brought into both TV and/or radio broadcasts, ever since I started this blog and became a little more actively involved in following these competitions on Twitter and TV/radio. Interesting...


Interview: Colin McMaster (aka the Mc in McKlein)

Some people are born to be world famous rally drivers, fearless, brave and bloody fast in whichever environment you put them in. Others are born to be fans of rallying, dedicated bunch of people, never complaining, and always ready to cheer for every crew. And then there is a special group of passionate and creative...


Interview with Maria Andersson, new co-driver to Patrik Sandell

Maria Andersson – new in Sweden World Rally Team in time for the team’s second World Cup start. Maria was quickly collected since the team’s regular co-driver Staffan Parmander, was forced to cancel his participation. Staffan is one of the founders of the team working for the past several years on the project World Rally...