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Are 9 Stages Enough?

After weeks of disagreement between the WRC Promoter and the organizers of Rally Corsica, it seems the two parties have finally come to an agreement. The proposed rally schedule will only have 9 stages with 3 stages run each day. On Sunday, all three stages are planned to be run without a service. This outcome...


Breaking: Homeless rally cars adopted!

Thank god for all the money and the good(ies) it brings/buys. Without money we would not have wealthy people and if that idea scares you, wait, it gets worse. Without wealthy people, the world we live in would be horrible and very silly. Just think, no money means no homes for valuable objects, such as...


Mr Rally Mexico director, are you… are you OK?

The fascinating story of Ott Tänak’s and Raigo Molder’s lucky escape from the fast sinking Fiesta, followed by a remarkable recovery and return to action in final day of the event already cemented its place among the greatest and wildest stories in the history of rallying. We saw the pictures and videos, praised Raigo, for...


Rally Report Card: Mexico 2015

The dust has settled (you saw this one coming, didn’t you?) and it’s time to look back at 2015 Rally Mexico, this time with a scoring card in our hands. Personally, I would still say that Rally Sweden provided more of a rally, but Mexico this year was strong in terms of pure rally entertainment...


Of Kubica and Ostberg, Mikkelsen and Ogier

Sometimes I hear complaints about my overly obvious tendency to praise anything and everything Robert Kubica does, on this site and in my tweets. Critics say I only see good sides and never ever bend to accept that Kubica is far from perfect. To those who share those thoughts about me I say, you are...


Rally Fans… Are We Doing Our Part?

Jason Anthony, ladies and gentlemen. This time he wants to know if you are doing your part promoting all those things we love about WRC and rallying in general. Are you? Remember, even the simplest of simple things can help. Such as adding #WRC hash to your tweets, for example. Do let us know what...


Why no love for tarmac rallies?

According to “sources”, World Rally Championship does not want another tarmac rally added to its calendar. At the same time, new events are being discussed, and not only that. According to an article on Autosport website, WRC wants a round in China. The want is so strong that China could be added as early as...

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