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Audi S1 quattro is back, and it’s mkay!

Yeah, so, by now you already know all there is to know about the latest Audi. Named S1 quattro it features “series 1” size, quattro all wheel drive, 2-liter turbocharged engine and some 230-ish horsies, available in co-operation with 6-speed manual. What’s with the frown on your face? Sucked a lemon recently, or you’re just...


Hyundai in Sweden: positives outweigh negatives

Rally Sweden was tough for Hyundai Shell World Rally Team, as they like to call themselves, or Hyundai, for friends. Tough but in a good way and it’s not a surprise to hear them talking about the positive aspects instead of weeping over the lack of points or stage wins or other palpable achievements. If...


Sebastien Ogier vs. Scandinavians, can he make it two in a row in Sweden?

Okay, let’s pretend we can erase the borders for a moment and bring some big ass countries closer together. You know, join forces, forget the differences, unite against the common enemy. For decades Scandinavian drivers were the only ones capable of winning in Sweden. Unique mix of snow, ice and often breakneck speed required equally...