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Do we need tougher, rougher, meaner special stages?

The wait is over, almost. Couple of days from now the WRC will spring back to life, after a VERY LONG BREAK. We will be following crews, cars and teams on their journey across some of the most difficult and engaging stages in the series. It is time for Rally Argentina and I for one...


They are not toys, they’re rally cars

Less than a dozen rallies from now, the first generation of B-segment-based World Rally Cars will ride into the sunset. I cannot speak for anyone else but me, of course, but I don’t think many tears will be shed over their demise in the WRC community. They were often called all sorts of names, chief...


Qualifying Stages: Is the Reward Worth the Risk?

There were a few battered rally cars coming back to service today in Atrim after incidents in today’s shakedown/qualifying stage. First, during shakedown, David Bogie got caught out on some of the treacherous slime coating the road and stuffed his Skoda into a bank damaging the radiator. Later, in the qualifying stage, it was Robert...


Would Official Tests Have A Place In The WRC?

While the WRC has been on its 6 week hiatus between Mexico and Argentina, I’ve taken the opportunity to fill the void with other forms of motorsport. Yes, there still is plenty of rallying going on in the world, most notably the upcoming Circuit of Ireland, but the warm weather of spring marks the beginning of...


He’s Still Got It!

I’ll admit it, I have fallen guilty of being a “rally snob” from time to time. This distasteful habit can manifest itself in a variety of ways. Sometimes it’s the rolling of the eyes when someone asks me, “Rally… you mean that X-games stuff… right?” At other times, it is a snide comment posted when...


Should the WRC switch to RWD GT cars, because they sound nice and go sideways?

Every now and then, in talks and discussions covering the World Rally Championship (and often rallying in general), I hear complaints directed at current generation of rally cars; they are called boring, toy-like or otherwise not exciting enough. This part I do understand (to some degree) – maybe current WRC cars aren’t as wild as...


So long, “massive, epic” 80 km special stage, you failed at… something

There is nothing good about supermassive special stages. They have no meaning and no purpose. They do not add any extra challenge. They also do not posses any sporting and, more importantly, commercial value. They’re pointless. And if you think they could be good for that holy “endurance” factor, nope, that’s sufficiently “covered in the...

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