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Sebastien Ogier vs. Scandinavians, can he make it two in a row in Sweden?

Okay, let’s pretend we can erase the borders for a moment and bring some big ass countries closer together. You know, join forces, forget the differences, unite against the common enemy. For decades Scandinavian drivers were the only ones capable of winning in Sweden. Unique mix of snow, ice and often breakneck speed required equally...


Is Volkswagen going to put more WRC-worthy Polo R in our garages?

Every now and then, or rather, every single time there is a discussion going on about rally and rally cars in particular, one topic comes up almost regularly. The comparisons between -what was then- and -what is now- are inevitable, both in terms of events, stages, drivers and, of course, cars. Group B is worshiped...


Photo Rally: One pick from Rallye Monte Carlo

One photo instead of three or four, one photo will and should do. This year, Monte was about many things; debuts, comebacks, surprises and disappointments and all that wrapped up in this beautiful, shiny, icy, slippery, rainy, snowy, slushy package. Decades upon decades (upon decades) of tradition surround this event and without drama and suspense...


Luck (in rallying) is a lie. Or is it?

In rallying, nothing comes close to “For sure”, the most common phrase ever, since the beginning of time. For sure, for sure is in the lead and by a huge margin, but this time I’d like to draw your attention to another well respected member of the rallying dictionary. You’ve all heard about luck, for...