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Photo rally: Top shots from Rally Deutschland

It’s one thing to snap a good one at gravel events – cars ride on higher suspension and cornering looks more dramatic, while everything is decorated with always impressive dirt and dust and rocks, flying away from the spinning wheels. Different story with tarmac, very different. You cannot rely on dramatic effects of dirt and...


Video: This is NOT acceptable, spectators in Rally Deutschland

Instead of going far and wide in explaining my thoughts on this matter, and some of those I expressed yesterday in another post, let me just attach few videos, showing what kind of stupid behaviour was obviously tolerated during latest WRC event in Germany. Please, take a few minutes to watch these videos and then...


Ban practice runs on qualifying stage and make it longer, would that fix it?

Holy missing split-times, Batman! The FIA is at it again. No, not the split times – instead, they want to change the system used to determine the running order on gravel events. According to them, current system is flawed because it allows the fastest crews to benefit by picking the favourable starting positions. This issue...


All we hear is “lack of confidence”, but what does it mean?

If only drivers could talk, it would make things so much easier to understand. Instead of the usual phrases about the lack of confidence, perhaps they could tell us more about what exactly they think is wrong. In motor sports, confidence can be lost over the smallest of things, just like the smallest of mechanical...


Is Kubica ready to switch from custom shifter to proper sequential stick?

If Robert Kubica decides to continue his career in rallying for another year, eventually growing out of WRC2 into the big thing that is the numberless WRC, will his custom-built gearbox system follow? This year he is using a specially adapted gear change system, utilizing levers instead of conventional sequential shifter lever. To ensure that...


New Loebs and Ogiers are out there, WRC must find them!

Sebastien Ogier is THIS close from winning the 2013 WRC title, but as we all know, THIS can vary in size dramatically in rallying. His pace is destructive, but even more destructive is the ability to make the best use of the car without pushing it over the edge. For him, it’s not about pushing...