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Power stages, power stages everywhere!

As the popular saying go, you’re not supposed to… do things with the crazy. It doesn’t say anything about being a little (or a little more) crazy yourself, so that’s a loophole I plan to exploit right now. Crazy is everywhere, crazy is cool and it also sells like hell, so crazy is the new...


Mark Webber in the WRC, it must happen

This is the last year in Formula 1 for Mark Webber, it is sort of hard to comprehend really. One of the most recognizable and unique characters of the modern F1 is about to leave the show at the end of this year. His driving, his character and his antics will be sorely missed. If...


David Ward wants to change the FIA – is Federation really in such a bad shape?

Jean Todt will not be running alone in a bid to secure another term as the leader and, it seems, ruler of the motor sports and mobility authority, FIA. Britain’s David Ward, former Director General of FIA Foundation, confirmed his intention to run for the coveted FIA throne. Almost instantly, the website featuring all the...


Success: FIA solves one burning problem, Rally New Zealand is out

Fernando Alonso bought himself a cycling team, the movie Rush is apparently full of win and heroism and awesome, Kimi Raikkonen is not bothered by money at all, Max Mosley is not happy with the current state of Formula 1 and the now-failed idea of teams deciding on their own spending… oh, and one of...


No more Volkswagen romance

Year and a half down the road, and it’s finally time to give others a chance to express their opinions and ideas about the WRC. And what a first guest writer! Miroslav Zrnčević – Mrgud, drifter, writer, on-call mechanic, wielder of many jokes and wits. He decided to put some of his thoughts down on...


Photo rally: Top shots from Rally Deutschland

It’s one thing to snap a good one at gravel events – cars ride on higher suspension and cornering looks more dramatic, while everything is decorated with always impressive dirt and dust and rocks, flying away from the spinning wheels. Different story with tarmac, very different. You cannot rely on dramatic effects of dirt and...