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Six months of lousy timing service, FIA decides to ask questions, receives epic excuses

Time’s up, timekeepers! It’s now time to answer some questions about time and timing, because for six months now, and that’s a lot of time, we were exposed to sub par service, missing stage times, very iffy split times, sometimes no times. Whenever Autosport features a WRC labeled story, and previous/next WRC event is at...


How prepared is Hyundai going to be in 2014?

Technically, I am pretty sure they’ll be right there with the i20 WRC, competitive very early on, but what about the drivers. I did not want to push this little “debate” into the Juho Hanninen article, so here are some brief thoughts about their drivers programme. We all know Juho Hanninen has a limited WRC...


European Rallycross Championship, can you recheck your TV partners?

Not being from the US or the UK, I’m kind of familiar with the “this content is not available in your area” messages, popping up on various online services, such as radio, music or video streams. One such service is this year’s FIA European Rallycross Championship. It definitely is exciting and popular, but sadly, it’s...


Official WRC Twitter account is all about… Formula 1?

Well, it’s not all about Formula 1 yet, but bit by bit, and we could end up with a full F1 race Twitter coverage on what claims to be official Twitter account of the World Rally Championship. I get the love of motorsport, I get the fascination with Formula 1, as a major motorsport… thing,...


Videos: Spectators at Pikes Peak, too close for comfort

The second video (below) is now probably pretty famous already – a pack of spectators, let’s call them ill informed, decided to run across the track less then a second before the storming Peugeot 208 T16 Pikes Peak, driven by Sebastien Loeb, raced by. All of it was captured by the guy standing on the...


Ogier and Latvala go all funny about Loeb and Pikes Peak

According to one of the comments on this post, Sebastien Ogier and Jari-Matti Latvala comments on Pikes Peak were collected weeks before the race, and they weren’t questioned about Sebastien Loeb personally. Which means I took it a bit too far, and Maxrally also played it well, skipping on few important bits, subtly adding Loeb’s...