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Was dust really so thick in Sardinia?

One of the topics, mentioned quite often by the drivers, but then swept under the rug by the officials and partly media, was the dust. As with any other gravel event, dust was a bit of an issue for the drivers starting further down the order, but that’s not all. Fighting against the dust is...


Rally cars, the luck wielders

Although, as of late, I dread using the “luck” argument when talking about WRC teams and drivers, and their chances in this year’s championship season, sometimes there simply isn’t a better word to describe the events happening on stages.


Because the night belongs to rally (of Spain)

What’s the best, cheapest and safest way to get rid of the requests for live TV stages in WRC? Run stages at night! Not even the strangest of strange proponents of live shows would be able to counter that. I am joking, of course, but the fact is, night stages are not the most friendly...


Photo rally: Top three photos of Acropolis Rally

From this edition on, this “section” will use 4 images instead of three. The title one will be the “honorary mention”, or the image that did not make it to the top, but is great and stands above the rest. In general, it’s quite difficult to pick the best three – especially if the teams...


Team bosses talk about “shootout powerstage”, many questions remain

During the Acropolis Rally, Becs Williams of WRC Live talked to bosses of the current World Rally Championship teams. Proposed changes to the WRC were the main topic of these interviews, but Becs also included several other questions, mainly the ones discussing the current calendar and the possible inclusion of new events, such as China...


Jari-Matti Latvala gets the job done in Greece

So many things happened this year in Greece, and plenty of those happened in this weekend’s Acropolis Rally too! There was drama, retirements and bitter disappointments, but for once, Jari-Matti Latvala wasn’t part of any of those. Instead, he was collected, calm, painfully analytical (as ever), but also able to pace himself and adapt quickly...


What’s speed got to do with it?

When one of the crews competing in this year’s Acropolis Rally goes across the finish ramp tomorrow to claim the overall victory, one thing must be clear. Their victory was not awarded to them, it wasn’t a gift, and no matter how true the facts supporting the “gifted victory” idea are, they have no substance....


Acropolis Rally, podium predictions

First and foremost, Sebastien Loeb is not taking part in this rally, unless he decides to join the spectators, or look for some gates on the stages, to close them for Sebastien Ogier. For the giggles, of course. But even without Loeb, situation is, potentially, very interesting, and there is no shortage of possible winners.