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Rain turns X-Games rallycross into eX-Games rallynoes

I cannot imagine how everyone involved in preparing the Barcelona X-Games rallycross event must feel this evening, after persistent rain turned their quickly put together track into a slippy-slidey mess, not fit for the competition. There were fans, waiting patiently on the grandstands for the motorsport part of the X-Games to begin and rallycross beasts...


Video: Andre Lavadinho takes us to Rally Argentina

Once again, we are being reminded just how fantastic World Rally Championship is. Not only for it’s crews and champions, but for every single person involved in this exciting series. Once upon a time, I dreamt of becoming a little more than just a guy with a camera, but to dream is one thing… As...


Stage end camera, possible? Feasible?

The echo of that horrible, horrible idea of turning power stage into all-important shootout is still pretty loud, but things seem to be settling down once again. Bomb dropped, shrapnels were everywhere, calm people spoke calmly, nervous people raged, and the ones in the bomber… laughed? Well, can’t say for certain, but they are pretty...