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Stage end camera, possible? Feasible?

The echo of that horrible, horrible idea of turning power stage into all-important shootout is still pretty loud, but things seem to be settling down once again. Bomb dropped, shrapnels were everywhere, calm people spoke calmly, nervous people raged, and the ones in the bomber… laughed? Well, can’t say for certain, but they are pretty...


Focusing on power stage is wrong

Let’s say we’ve established the fact that the proposed “idea” of power stage shootout is bad, and let’s also say that people who came up with it also agree it’s bad. Then we can move on to actually try and discuss what CAN be done, instead of what should not be done under any circumstances,...


Red Bull, Sportsman Media Group and FIA, is this the best you can do?

What the actual, high flying, dirt kicking fuck is happening to the future of the World Rally Championship? Pardon my French, but seriously, that’s the only thing I could come up with in first response to the brand new ideas, being worked on in the offices of sport’s not-so-new-anymore promoters. You know how we often...


The only drones we will ever need – WRC ones

Do you recall the work of FS Aviation team in Monte Carlo Rally? Their flying cameras captured amazing footage from brand new angles, showing WRC cars from the perspective we usually don’t associate with rallying. Same team was present in Sweden as well, and today I received a tip, notifying me about their latest release....


Photo rally: Top three photos of 2013 Rally Argentina

This year’s Rally Argentina provided all imaginable challenges for the crews, so they had to make their way through rain, fog, dust, water splashes, incredibly rough and rugged terrain. But this is so typical to Argentina, and part of it’s appeal. Another fantastic aspect of Rally Argentina are it’s fans. Literally tens of thousands crowd...