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Prodrive looking for balance between money and speed

2012 was a difficult year for Prodrive – they lost Mini backing at the start of the season and had to rely on their own funds and do limited number of rallies throughout the year. Despite all that, results and pace of Mini’s WRC car were promising. Ultimately, car got it’s papers sorted thanks to...


Video: Ford review of their final WRC season

For now, it looks like goodbye, but we hope it’s just a “see you later” – Ford decided to pull the plug on their WRC programme and from 2013 blue oval will no longer be a registered manufacturer team in World Rally Championship. It is not all gloom and doom because Ford’s cars will still...

Video: Just ask Ken Block & Monster WRT for some tips 0

Video: Just ask Ken Block & Monster WRT for some tips

Helicopter footage is great to say the least – it takes some serious skill and balls to try and emulate what guys below are doing in their cars while flying dangerously low and fast. We also like standard WRC onboard videos with cameras fixed to rollcage or bodywork – this puts us in passenger seat...


When you just cannot make it – On being a remote rally fan

There were days when the idea of picking up things and just heading off to a rally or a single stage was a very good one, but what sets those times apart from today is the fact that back then you had no issues of seeing that idea become reality, much unlike today. For many,...


Equal status in Volkswagen, can’t wait!

As if having two young and very ambitious drivers in main line up wasn’t tricky enough, Volkswagen decided to add third one as well. Just reading these names out loud brings a smile on your face – Sebastien Ogier (he who challenged the great Sebastien Loeb on more than one occasion), Jari-Matti Latvala (fastest of...


Volkswagen Polo R WRC, s/he’s a looker

Selected few images from official photo shoot showing Volkswagen Polo R WRC machine. This is the car Sebastien Ogier and Jari-Matti Latvala will use next year from the word go. Andreas Mikkelsen will join them a bit later, in Portugal. So, the car is white, which is a bit of a surprise given the Red...