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Volkswagen will not share their Polo with you

Jost Capito said it himself, you never know what tomorrow brings, but for now there is no sign of crisis within Volkswagen Motorsport; the team remains unaffected by all the drama surrounding Volkswagen cheat device scandal (and its consequences). According to Jost, team is already very cost-effective and, despite popular opinion saying otherwise, they do...


Fourteen WRC rounds (sort of) confirmed for 2016

I cannot call any calendar of events “confirmed” as long as there are still stars or asterisks or whatever you call those little bugs that are always getting in a way of a good announcement. Yesterday, the FIA released a list of events and dates for next year’s World Rally Championship season, and as expected,...


Why Kubica didn’t settle to be Just Another Privateer?

So, Robert Kubica is talking about leaving the World Rally Championship. Even saying this or thinking about it breaks my heart, and I mean it. I’ll try to keep it as real as possible and stick to what I personally think are facts, but no promises, okay? I cannot say I blame Kubica for thinking...


Put the Camera Away!

I have always loved photography. Long before I spectated my first rally, I was fascinated with the skills and techniques needed to capture a moment in time. When rallying entered my life, I became enthralled with the challenge of trying to combine the environment, the car, and the time of day into a memorable photograph....


Works Teams Against Privateers… Is it Sporting?

The issue of manufacturer “works” teams competing in an otherwise privateer championship has long been a stumbling block in both rallying and other forms of circuit-based motorsport. With the recent clean sweep by David Higgins and Subaru USA in the Rally America National Championship and Skoda’s domination of WRC2 this weekend in Spain, it seemed...


There Is (Again!) No Excuse

It’s a dead horse, and it’s been dead for awhile. But here at World Rally Blog, we are going to keep beating it as long as is needed. Before my trip to Spain, I hoped with all of my heart that I wouldn’t need to write such an article. However, what I experienced today affected...


A Dream Realized

Before I go any further, let me get the disclaimer out of the way. This piece is going to be a bit “gushy.” For those of you who have been to a WRC rally before, it will probably even seem quite over the top. However, having waited for this moment for more than 15 years,...


When number one becomes number one (of)

Two drivers are in a team. One of them is slightly faster and is also a better all arounder, which gives him the advantage; he gets the number one status and his spot in team’s roster is guaranteed. It also helps that there is actually no number 2 driver, because that spot is not permanently...

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