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DiRT Rally is it!

Moved, assembled furniture, started paying bills on this new location. Replaced broken up-shift switch on my Logitech DFP wheel. DiRT Rally installed on laptop – finally, FINALLY, it was time for first proper stage of this new rally game. This time with a steering wheel. I picked Lancia Delta and one of the Welsh stages,...


Do We Really Want “Fair”

When it comes to rallying, what should “fair” really mean? It’s a bit controversial, isn’t it? To be honest, I am still wrestling through this question as I reflect on Rally Sardinia. I haven’t settled on an answer, and that is why I am going to throw it out to you. With the fallout from...


I quite enjoyed this little piece of drama

In World Rally Championship we rarely hear about politics and I think that’s a very good thing, even though I am pretty sure there exists a massive political battlefield even in our beloved motor sport series. Most of what we hear from team bosses and other officials, promoters or the FIA, is completely harmless and...


Road position blues or how to make Ogier happy

I wanted to discuss comments made by Sebastien Ogier after he crossed the finish line in Portugal in this post, but maybe that will have to wait a bit and get some space in another post (I will try to share my thoughts on the things which prompted SO’s controversial comments). It is often we...


Rally Portugal: Musings After Leg 1

Road sweeping: After the roughness of Rally Argentina negated some of the road sweeping effects, those issues came right back to the forefront on Leg 1 of Portugal. It was interesting to hear how the different drivers reacted to it. I hate to pick on Sebastien Ogier too much, but lets be honest, he has...


Don’t hate the wait, enjoy the show

Long breaks are long, too long in fact, but on the other hand, the world of rallying is big and busy enough, so even these long breaks between WRC events are not so difficult to survive. Actually, I am not entirely sure I would like to see rallies stacked too close together, with one or...