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Toyota GT86 CS-R3, this is it?

For once, I will let pictures do the talking. Toyota GT86 in what looks like a very convincing rally guise. Is this the long awaited CS-R3 version of the car, the one Toyota Motorsport is teasing us about for a while now? According to this tweet by Daniel Joachim, yes, yes it is. Even though...


Four WRC stars on Mettet RX entrylist

Mettet (B) – More and more media are discovering the power of World RX. Last month World Rally Blog attended at the Mettet mediaday exchanging words and thoughts with World RX director Martin Anayi. Now time has come to let the drivers speak leaving them nothing more than a steering wheel, throttle and the massive...


Chardonnet with Citroen DS3 R5 in auto24 Rally Estonia

Already strong entry list of auto24 Rally Estonia got a last minute addition. Young and promising French rallydriver Sebastien Chardonnet and his co-driver Thibault de la Haye will start in auto24 Rally Estonia with Citroen Sport built Citroen DS3 R5 run by Top Teams by My Racing. This means that all the new R5 cars...


Peugeot unveils 2008 DKR tech specs + action photos

It’s light, agile, has huge wheels, longer suspension travel and can climb vertical things because Peugeot officials said it can. Despite the fact that everyone and their pet snake thinks 4×4 is the way to go in offroad and desert conditions, the fact is 2WD cars are proven desert warriors. There are not your ordinary...


Toyota GT86 CS-R3 takes shape

Toyota Motorsport could return to WRC proper some day but for now they are still evaluating things, weighing the options and waiting for the next set of tech rules and regulations to be revealed. Or at least we’re led to believe that is what they’ve been doing all this time. Either way, Toyota and WRC...


Video: Walter Röhrl Special

It’s up to you to decide whether you’re more interested in seeing the man in action or it’s the car that gets your heart pumping. The man behind the wheel is German legend, Walter Röhrl and the car… well, the car is the infamous, monstrous, beastly beast of a machine, Audi Quattro. The year is...