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Kubica sideways it into the lead

That Formula 1 guy, the F1 race winner, you know the one, always talking about Formula 1… okay, okay, I’m tired off it as well. But seriously, haven’t you heard about him and Formula 1. Really! Right? Right!


Piece of McRae-touched rally history for sale

Tested by Colin McRae and driven competitively by Colin’s father Jimmy and brother Alister, the 1977 Ford Escort MkII RS1800 is one of the entries at Silverstone Auctions’ sale at Race Retro. The auction will take place at Silverstone on 22nd February next year. If you’ve between 65 and 85 thousand pounds to spare and...


Video: Back to school for Sebastien Loeb as he learns how to touch without touching

Car racing is much more than just sitting behind the wheel, pushing pedals and pulling levers. It involves subtleties such as learning the tracks, knowing the car, respecting the rivals and, the mother of them all, the art of touch without touching. Which is, I assume, the biggest and most powerful, erm, power a driver...


Kopecky exiled to APRC, Škoda to remain in ERC and busy on R5 car

Škoda shared all sorts of goodies today and they were all about rally. The unbeatable Fabia S2000 will continue competing in the European Rally Championship next year, but there are changes compared to 2013. Instead of this year’s ERC champion Jan Kopecky two crews will fly Škoda’s banners next year. Esapekka Lappi and Sepp Wiegand...