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ERC talks the talk, promises to walk the walk (even better) in 2014

“There’s a silence surrounding me”, says the WRC, officially at least. There is plenty in store, some bits of info made their way out of the FIA and WRC Promoter’s vaults, but for now, we still cannot paint a complete picture of what the World Rally Championship will be like in 2014. As is the...


The new Renault Clio R3T shows its face, debuts soon

Sometime ago Renault Sport teased us with some images clearly dealing with rally car being developed and tested. Needless to say, many people jumped from joy, shouting “WRC!”. Not me, no. Well, okay, I did, so what. Anyway, it wasn’t WRC, at least not the real big WRC, but Renault still did work on a...


After surgery, Hachi is ready for Rally Show St. Domenica

There is no excuse for not knowing anything about the lovely little Toyota Corolla GT AE86 and her rallying adventures in the hands of drifter-turned-rally driver Josip Žagar Zax. If you need a bit of introduction, follow this link, but if you’re familiar with the story, continue reading. As you probably recall, Hachi suffered some...


Rally Estonia joins the European rally elite

Rally Estonia is set to join the European Rally Championship bunch next year in what will be the second season of the revamped series, run and promoted by the Eurosport Events. Here’s what event organizers have to say about this unique opportunity.


2014 European Championship calendar is out, no room for the weak links

The new, Eurosport Events promoted European Rally Champioship got of to a stellar start this year, but it was also a year of learning and weeding out the weak(er) stuff to make room for improvements. The format of the series is quite solid and there were some very well known events in it this year,...


Video: Citroën Racing boss and nine times world champion, onboard

Sometimes team bosses get bored of all the bossing and telling everyone what to do. Sometimes they want to step out of the office and have some good old fashion fun. Because why not. As former competitors they remember the thrill and the excitement of competing. Many bosses and other “senior” officials often compete in...


Video: Scary and amazing, R2 cars in Belgium

Group B this, group B that. Everything was better in group B and only men with balls the size of Jupiter could drive those cars, period. Nothing will ever come close, no matter how hard modern rally drivers try. Sometimes rally talk turns into cars talk as if the cars define the drivers and not...