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No Country for Old Men? Don’t Tell “El Matador”!

On paper, the Dakar Rally should be a young man’s game. Arguably the most grueling motorsport event on the planet, the 40th edition of the Dakar featured 14 stages stretching almost 9,000km. Of those 14 stages, half of them were spent in a maze of confusing and unforgiving desert sand dunes. In addition, 5 stages...


Opinion: Is It Time for BOP in R5?

Today, VW finally broke the silence on the future of their brand new Polo R5 project. If everything goes to plan, it looks like the car will be ready for it’s competitive debut right in time for the 2018 ADAC Rally Deutschland. Even though we haven’t seen any photos or video of the car in...


Getting Excited for Dirt 4!

In all honesty, we’re a bit late to this party since news about Dirt 4 has been around for months now. However, we’ve got a break between WRC events, so I thought now would be as good a time as any to write a piece about Codemaster’s new rally game. If I could sum up...


A Big Weekend of Regional Action

While the WRC was on a break this weekend, and we were all at home trying to recover from the heart attacks that Kris Meeke gave us in Mexico, there was plenty of regional rally action going on around the world. This weekend, we saw the season opener for the MSA British Rally Championship and...


A New Direction In Rally Broadcasting

The Australian Rally Championship (ARC) has made an interesting announcement regarding the direction that the broadcasting of their events will be heading in 2016. Much like what the British Rally Championship (BRC) is doing this year on Channel 4, the ARC has relied in the past on terrestrial TV to broadcast their championship. In a...


He’s Still Got It!

I’ll admit it, I have fallen guilty of being a “rally snob” from time to time. This distasteful habit can manifest itself in a variety of ways. Sometimes it’s the rolling of the eyes when someone asks me, “Rally… you mean that X-games stuff… right?” At other times, it is a snide comment posted when...

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