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Porsche is a spectacular rally car, even when it crashes

Do yourself a favour and do a quick google for Chris Harris and Francois Delecour but don’t forget to add Porsche to the search phrase. What you’ll see is one of the best rally driver taking a GT car for a spin on the twisty roads of his neighborhood in France, all while breaking all...


Codemasters, are you up for the RBR level of rally realism challenge?

Why did I include Codemasters in the title of this article you ask? It’s simple really – they are, more or less, the only currently active developer capable of putting together a coherent rally racing simulation, even though their recent titles were more arcade-ish and not really enough hard core sim. It’s not that Codemasters...


Video: Co-driving, this is how

Thousands of rally videos are out there, ready and waiting to be found and enjoyed, but you can also use them for educational purposes. For example, you want to kick off your co-driving career – online videos are great resource of information and first-hand (well, okay, second hand technically) experience. Of course, it’s up to...


208 Rally Cup: Mathieu Arzeno is ready for Mont Blanc Morzine Rally

Mathieu Arzeno will be at the start of the Mont Blanc Morzine Rally this weekend as part of the 208 Rally Cup which he joins mid championship, not an easy task. After a successful race in the Gap Racing Rally, the previous “Espoir Echappement” (voted Best Rookie for Echappement Magazine) continued his preparations when he...


Change of plans for Molly Taylor – Poland instead of Australia

Drivers often say that nothing compares to driving and competing in your home event, in front of your home crowds and on the roads you (supposedly) know well. That’s easy to understand, especially in rally, where every little bit of motivation and previous knowledge of the roads and the terrain helps a lot. Well, it’s...


Slow week, lagging behind? Solution is here!

Lag sucks, have some anti lag. I had to, this is the music we all love, the sound that you secretly make while racing your shopping cart around the isles in the mall, or while you’re shifting gears in your daily driver… Just. Listen. To. IT.


Video: Artificial rally jumps are not that fun

UPDATE: According to numerous comments below, and some emails I’ve received, it turns out that this exact spot and the jump were in fact marked in the road book, distance to the jump was noted too. It was not on the road during recce, but organizers supplied enough information for the crews to know where...


Citroën C-Elysée is Seb Loeb’s latest toy

Granted, this news is not exactly rally related, but it features World Rally Champions, Citroën and Sebastien Loeb, so let’s have them anyway. Surely you know Citroën and Loeb will compete in 2014 FIA World Touring Car Championship, leading to marque’s reduced involvement in the WRC. What exactly that means, we still don’t know. But...