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Rally Cyprus: Then and Now

While we’ve all been looking forward to the return of the Tour de Corse to the WRC, lets not forget about the ERC, which just completed its 8th round in Cyprus this past weekend. First of all, big congratulations to Kajetan Kajetanowicz for another brilliant drive to a dominating victory. It looks more and more...


Mikko Hirvonen spotted driving a Toyota

People say it’s him, but do we really know for sure? Yes, I’ve seen the photos and heard all the stories, but they can all be fabricated, shopped, made up or planted by saboteurs. Mikko Hirvonen is supposed to be in a deep retirement, not a care in the world, thinking about bees and clouds...


Will Jan Kopecky Make It Back To The WRC?

With the WRC “silly season” heating up, there has been a lot of discussion over which drivers will switch teams, and whether any of the younger drivers will get a shot at the top level of rallying. Plenty of names have been bounced around including Esapekka Lappi, Craig Breen, Sepp Wiegand, and Stephan Lefevbre. All...


First RX content pack hits Dirt Rally

From the press release, published today: From today, owners of DiRT Rally can race in RX Supercars that boast more raw power and acceleration than most other motorsports, accelerating from 0-60mph in under two seconds before hurtling into jumps, ruts and hairpins across a mix of dirt and asphalt. Drivers will be able to compete...


Mikko Hirvonen to start a big Mini adventure

Motor sport drivers rarely really quit. They just switch from one way of pushing the limits to another, whether it’s weekend racing or rallying or some other kind of top involvement, but in a different discipline. Same goes for Mikko Hirvonen. The World Rally Championship no longer interested him, which I still find a bit...


R5… Coming to America!

Newry, Maine… it probably doesn’t mean anything to most of you reading this in Europe, but here in the USA, it is the home of the New England Forest Rally, part of the Rally America National Championship. Having been to the rally several times as a spectator, I can attest that this rally has long...