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Oh lord won’t you buy me… a brand new Integrale?

Most of them are extinct, yes, much like the brand itself could soon be, but this world is full of surprises and well preserved iconic cars. All you need is money and even the most rarest of the rare could end up in your garage. The car in this post isn’t that rare, but it’s...


Toyota GT86 CS-R3 eyeing competitive debut

Let’s step back from all the excitement of Monte Carlo Rally and look at other rally related news for a moment. For instance, this press release, sent by Toyota Motorsport. No, it’s not THAT press release, we are feeding on rumours saying THAT release might reach us all sometime next week. It’s a different kind...


Like father like son – Petter & Oliver Solberg just doing their Solberg thing

This is both adorable and awesomely impressive at the same time. Petter Solberg, the only driver with two world champion titles in two FIA disciplines (WRC & World RX) and his son Oliver took part in Finnskogvalsen rally in Norway. Two Solbergs competed in Petter’s famous Ford Escort MkII, taking third place overall. While Oliver...


British Rally Championship returns to 4WD cars in 2016

All reasons against 4WD cars aside, it’s really the only sensible solution for British rallying, and I would think any rallying in general. If a country and its drivers can afford it, then by all means it should be 4WD cars, ideally built to latest specifications and supported by major car manufacturers that are not...