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No WRC? No Problem!

It was a little over a year ago when I put out a piece about how Ireland deserved to get their WRC round back. I’ll freely admit that looking back, those words came from a bit of naivety and perhaps some nostalgia as I watched ex-WRC cars tearing down the country lanes outside of Galway....


Circuit of Ireland Preview

Alright, I meant to put this out a lot sooner than now, but work got in the way. So you’re going to be stuck with my random and disorganized thoughts as I sit in a pub at the Philadelphia International Airport waiting to board my flight bound for Ireland. It also doesn’t help matters that...


We want the British Rally Championship in Dirt Rally

There is one thing I think we can all agree is true. The game we call Dirt Rally is a success in every conceivable way; technically, it’s a masterpiece, based on latest technologies; it has a fantastic physics model, which, in time, you can crack and conquer, but it will fight you like crazy and...


80 KM: Did It Live Up To The Hype?

As I write this, it’s Sunday morning and the last few WRC2 cars are making their way through the massive Guanajuato stage. We’ve been hearing about this oneĀ for weeks now. We’ve heard the statistics over and over again… 80km, the longest stage since 1986, etc… There certainly has been a lot of hype built up...


Abarth 124 Rally is too good to (not) be true

Sometimes, car manufacturers’ intentions seem to be confusing or misleading, especially if they decide to ignore the current trends. Or they can appear confusing or misleading to someone like me, because what Fiat seems to be doing makes a lot of sense if you approach it from their (company’s) side. We’ve been silently praying for...

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