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Toyota, oh Toyota, welcome back to WRC

Of course, you’ve probably heard it by now, I barely had enough strength to endure till the start of the press webcast from Tokyo, the plan was to write a welcome post right after the webcast ended, but I got tricked and fell asleep. I slept like a baby, enjoying my happy thoughts because Toyota...


Video showing (too much of) Kubica’s SS14 off?

Rally drivers are known to be extremely creative and versatile people, which comes handy when you need to improvise while driving or fixing a broken car in the middle of nowhere during an event. It also helps to be creative in explaining certain tricky situations, offs and retirements, but today this fine are of storytelling...


Pirelli: “Kubica’s speed on all surfaces was exceptional”

Italian tyre manufacturer Pirelli impressed many with the performance of its tyres in tricky and demanding conditions during this year’s Rallye Monte Carlo. In their official report, they revealed some of the details concerning the pace Robert Kubica was able to reach when winning four special stages, including the 51,7 kilometer monster Lardier et Valenca...


Video: Gorgeous R-GTs at the 2015 Rallye Monte Carlo

The regular WRC competition is the main course and R-GT Cup is a sweet sweet dessert. Three Porsche 911s provided a very welcome addition to the usual fleet of WRC cars in all categories – nobody could resist smiling once these three roaring beasts came into sight. The looks alone is enough to feel all...


Stupid spectators, Monte edition

Not a rally goes by without at least one reckless spectator being reckless, refusing to accept the harsh thing called common sense and/or just trying to destroy as many lives as he/she possibly can, including his/her own. This year’s Rallye Monte Carlo was no exception, of course, and as much as we all feel sorry...


Quentin Gilbert wins round 1 of the 2015 Junior WRC

source: Citroën Racing Ten crews lined up at the start of the opening round of the 2015 season of the FIA Junior WRC. On Thursday night’s opening stage, the Irishman Daniel McKenna grabbed the early lead as he went fastest between Entrevaux and Rouaine. But he was then handed a 2 min 20s penalty for...


Video: This is what WRC spectators live for

A word of warning, do not watch this is you’re prone to sudden outbursts of sobbing and crying, because if you take your rally with a(n un)healthy dose of emotions, the end of this particular video could be too much for you to handle. Of course, I don’t know anything about that and I never...


Jari-Matti Latvala did not give up, don’t listen to him

Calling anything certain or safe in relation to Rallye Monte Carlo is just silly, at best. Because this particular rally will just take your safe prediction and certain conclusion and turn it upside down, inside out and then chop off its head. Remember those cries of joy after Sebastien Loeb’s SS 1 stunner, the king...

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