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80 KM: Did It Live Up To The Hype?

As I write this, it’s Sunday morning and the last few WRC2 cars are making their way through the massive Guanajuato stage. We’ve been hearing about this one for weeks now. We’ve heard the statistics over and over again… 80km, the longest stage since 1986, etc… There certainly has been a lot of hype built up...


Abarth 124 Rally is too good to (not) be true

Sometimes, car manufacturers’ intentions seem to be confusing or misleading, especially if they decide to ignore the current trends. Or they can appear confusing or misleading to someone like me, because what Fiat seems to be doing makes a lot of sense if you approach it from their (company’s) side. We’ve been silently praying for...


Hyundai’s R5 speeds on

Every day I wake up hoping this will be the day in which Toyota will reveal exciting news about their WRC project, because, well, it’s been a while. Nah, just kidding. If they prefer to keep it low profile, so be it – I just hope this lack of news does not mean lack of...


“I wasn’t prepared to risk my job at six in the morning”

It was one year ago this week when I wrote a piece about the maturity of Hayden Paddon in the way he approached the 2015 Rally Sweden. In light of this timing, it seems absolutely fitting to put up another piece about how Hayden again showed his maturity, but in a different way this year....


Does The WRC Need Another Snow Rally? (2nd Opinion)

You can probably file this one in the category of “calendar rants”. OK, well, it isn’t really a rant, but perhaps more of a musing. After reading a piece this week about the possibility of the WRC adding another winter rally to the calendar, it got me thinking… does the WRC really need another snow...


Are you trying to memorize all your virtual special stages?

Do you remember how relatively easy it was to learn and memorize every single special stage in the original version of Richard Burns Rally or in any other, older rally game, mainly because stages were usually quite short (let’s mentione that wonderful Rally Championship 2000 game with its 1:1 depiction of stages in the British...

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