Slow week, lagging behind? Solution is here!

Lag sucks, have some anti lag. I had to, this is the music we all love, the sound that you secretly make while racing your shopping cart around the isles in the mall, or while you’re shifting gears in your daily driver… Just. Listen. To. IT.


Can Sordo take it from zero to hero?

Perhaps “zero” is a bit harsh, but it’s no secret Dani Sordo had a rough year so far, and his achievements in 2013 cannot actually be called heroic for the most part. He is also confirmed to skip Rally Australia to make room for Kris Meeke after the latter’s very convincing performance in Finland. One...


Ban practice runs on qualifying stage and make it longer, would that fix it?

Holy missing split-times, Batman! The FIA is at it again. No, not the split times – instead, they want to change the system used to determine the running order on gravel events. According to them, current system is flawed because it allows the fastest crews to benefit by picking the favourable starting positions. This issue...


Video: Hyundai Motorsport tarmac test by extremrallye

Hyundai’s recent tarmac test was much more than just a car running up and down the road – rally tests are never about that alone. It’s an opportunity for drivers to get more familiar with the car and the team. Also the team gets to work out in the field, where unexpected can happen and...


Nandan: “Loeb and Grönholm, my dream team!”

There is no summer vacation for Hyundai Motorsport team and it’s members. Instead of basking in the sun, they’re working hard on the project that could further revitalize the World Rally Championship, especially if Hyundai manages a competitive start of next year’s campaign. We saw the i20 WRC tested on tarmac recently and plenty more...


Video: Hyundai i20 WRC tested on tarmac and JB was there!

Hey, you do remember how only few days ago we called for a more elaborate media interaction between Hyundai’s WRC team and, well, media? Sure you do. I am positive they understood the message and we should soon be able to see more footage and other goodies, shot at team’s testing sessions. You might think...


Video: Artificial rally jumps are not that fun

UPDATE: According to numerous comments below, and some emails I’ve received, it turns out that this exact spot and the jump were in fact marked in the road book, distance to the jump was noted too. It was not on the road during recce, but organizers supplied enough information for the crews to know where...

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