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Tour de Corse in a BMW M3 E30

You know all about this car, right? About how awesome it was and how even more awesome it (still) is, a classic in so many ways, be it as a road car or a race / rally car. BMW M3 E30 is just one Those Cars, cars you would buy instantly if you had the...


The WRC’s budget issues, what are they?

Sometimes I just wish for those, who have access to the Powers behind the WRC, to ask the right questions, tricky questions, maybe even unpopular questions. I would really like to hear more about budget issues preventing the WRC from growing its calendar from 13 to 14 events, because that’s exactly what WRC Promoter’s Olivier...


Fast Doesn’t Always = Spectacular

It has been a little over one week since the 2017 WRC regulations were announced. For the most part, they have been met with a great deal of excitement and anticipation for the future, and with good reason. After several years of somewhat unspectacular cars that all seem to look quite similar, the thought of...


Hayden is on a mission

One of the best things about Hayden Paddon is how hard it is to define him. We should probably classify him as a WRC newb, but his results this year speak otherwise. He is so mature and serious in his approach, yet he is also keeping both feet (and all four wheels, I should add)...


Do not dismiss the 2016

I know we’re in the middle of the 2015 season, and by all accounts it is a good one, but what are your hopes for 2016? Beyond the usual “I hope someone finally takes the fight to Seb Ogier, por favor!”? It could be a tricky year, a final outing for current generation WRC cars,...


Lancia, Auriol, Bugalski and the 90s

Can you remember 1991 and what it felt like and tasted like in the world of rallying? It was all about group A cars back then, ever since group B got banned in 1986 and teams had to rebuild their programmes around different cars and tamer set of rules. One car and one make in...

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