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First RX content pack hits Dirt Rally

From the press release, published today: From today, owners of DiRT Rally can race in RX Supercars that boast more raw power and acceleration than most other motorsports, accelerating from 0-60mph in under two seconds before hurtling into jumps, ruts and hairpins across a mix of dirt and asphalt. Drivers will be able to compete...


Ogier is not unbeatable, but what about Volkswagen?

Only silly people and their friends would ever think that some driver is really unbeatable, it makes no sense and just isn’t possible. They all have bad days and they all have events where they simply cannot squeeze more speed from themselves or the car. Even the best ones. Sebastien Ogier and Sebastien Loeb are...


Now That’s a Proper (Superspecial) Stage!

Street stages, spectator stages, super-special stages… whatever you decide to call them, they all tend to have the same characteristics. Usually they are tight, narrow, slow, lined by concrete walls, and fairly uninspiring. The layouts on most of these stages don’t really do justice to the abilities of either the car or the crew. In...


Yaris WRC it is, with new chassis and a pretty tight schedule

One stage down, plenty more to go in Finland, among them two runs of the legendary Ouninpohja turbostage (it’s like The Stage, if you know what I mean) tomorrow. Sebastien Ogier is our early leader and no matter how insignificant these superspecials may feel compared to proper stages, they can make (or break) your rally...


Tour de Corse in a BMW M3 E30

You know all about this car, right? About how awesome it was and how even more awesome it (still) is, a classic in so many ways, be it as a road car or a race / rally car. BMW M3 E30 is just one Those Cars, cars you would buy instantly if you had the...


The WRC’s budget issues, what are they?

Sometimes I just wish for those, who have access to the Powers behind the WRC, to ask the right questions, tricky questions, maybe even unpopular questions. I would really like to hear more about budget issues preventing the WRC from growing its calendar from 13 to 14 events, because that’s exactly what WRC Promoter’s Olivier...

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