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The new 2017 WRC cars will be delicious

In all honesty, I have no idea what 2017 cars will look or feel like and whether the changes announced not long ago will live up to everyone’s expectations, but with recent videos, shot during Volkswagen Motorsport 2017 car test, we did get a first taste of new machinery. And that first taste, to me...


Ogier appears to be too strong, but all is not over yet

Today’s second leg of Rally Germany is just monstrous and I mean it in a good way. Two runs over 45.6 kilometer Panzerplatte Long should be enough for anyone looking for a properly massive challenge on tarmac, surface we see a bit too little of in the WRC. This is not the first or the...


Rally Germany makes history, issues official tabards to idiots?

This should be how your rally can lose its World Rally Championship event status, easily. Rally Germany has some of the most challenging roads and breathtaking vistas, but in terms of competitors, spectators and accredited (my favourite part) media safety, it’s lacking. Day one could have easily ended up in tears or worse. I hear...


The Tarmac Specialist: An Extinct Species?

We are now well into the countdown towards ADAC Rally Deutschland, quite possibly the best tarmac rally in the world at the moment. As the first true tarmac round in the WRC season, this one throws up a special challenge with the incredible variety that it offers. It almost seems like Rally Detuschland stole portions...


Mind the F***’n Bale!

As rally fans, it is easy to get sucked into the serious matters of the sport. We’ll spend hours thinking and talking about issues such as calendar changes, skyrocketing costs, and manufacturer involvement. At times, we’ll worry about the direction the sport may be taking and wonder about the health of rallying moving into the...


First RX content pack hits Dirt Rally

From the press release, published today: From today, owners of DiRT Rally can race in RX Supercars that boast more raw power and acceleration than most other motorsports, accelerating from 0-60mph in under two seconds before hurtling into jumps, ruts and hairpins across a mix of dirt and asphalt. Drivers will be able to compete...

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