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One winner, one newb, much ambition – Citroën looking forward to Portugal

Remember the “huge” scandal which involved then-Citroën now-M-Sport driver Mikko Hirvonen and then-privateer now-Citroën driver Mads Ostberg? Maybe you don’t because scandals are really tiny in World Rally Championship, they don’t stir too much drama and generally we just forget all about them in next couple of weeks or months. In 2012 Mads Ostberg inherited...


Peugeot 208 T16 starts its career with a ERC win

Kevin Abbring and Craig Breen wrote first pages of what promises to be a successful rally career of the latest Peugeot Sport built and developed rally car, the 208 T16. Peugeot’s response to the growing and obviously popular R5 category finally debuted last week in round three of the 2014 European Rally Championship, Acropolis Rally....


Hyundai’s three car assault is ready for Portugal

Corona helped them reach the finish line in Mexico. I’m not sure if they can count on same kind of help in Portugal, but this particular event is very special for Hyundai Motorsport. For the first time they will compete with three cars. The podium finish in Mexico was a welcome relief and a great...


What is Toyota actually waiting for?

Three years is a heck of a long time in motor sports terms. Think about it, it’s three full seasons of competing, development and investments. And that’s exactly the amount of time Toyota is allegedly ready to wait before making a final decision on whether they want to join WRC or not. They will, of...


Here she is! Toyota Yaris WRC in action!

Day of happiness, was it? Of course it was! It didn’t take long for first images and videos to start appearing around the Internet, feeding our hunger and taming our curiosity. That is, if this video is authentic – you know, maybe someone just made a quick WRC kit and glued it on some random...


Toyota begins testing, shares some goodies

Of course Toyota will rejoin the World Rally Championship. If you doubt that, you’re probably looking for dry facts in everything around you and have little faith in better times ahead. But you’re not that kind of person, because you like to believe in progress and you’re also not afraid to sometimes allow for some...

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