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12 drivers and 10 nations in 2014 JWRC (so far)

If anything, this year’s Junior World Rally Championship will be very international in its character, which is very nice indeed. As the recent news bit from Citroën Racing revealed, FIA has received the total of 12 registrations for crews coming from 10 countries. I am not sure if there is a deadline for entries and...


Mexican chances for M-Sport

Long stages, high temperatures, demanding altitude – that more or less sums up every preview of the upcoming third round of the season in Mexico. M-Sport World Rally Team preview is no different, explaining why engines will produce less power in Mexico and why not all gravel events are the same – not many of...


Can Citroën pull a surprise in Mexico?

They certainly might, but it would hardly be a surprise, despite the careful predictions and very realistic expectations expressed by both Kris Meeke and Mads Ostberg before the event. Mads says he is still learning about the car and team, with more emphasis surely put on the former. However, the man is quick and does...


Kubica: “I need to discover the rally for myself”

Here’s what everbody’s favourite rally noob said about the upcoming Rally Mexico. “From what I know, the stages of Rally Mexico are contested at very high attitudes. This means that there is a significant reduction in power which also influences the driving. “This year there will be a lot of long, very demanding stages and...


Volkswagen facing the “dubious honour” of starting first in Mexico

Third event of the season and the first proper gravel rally, a chance to try and test the new rules concerning starting order for the first and then second and third day of the event. With qualifying system out of the picture, gravel events will now see crews start in the provisional championship order on...


How Mexican altitude eats up your horsepower

Every event that features special stages at high altitude is a special thing for teams and engineers. The higher the cars go, the more power their engine will lose due to the difference in air density. The upcoming Rally Mexico will put these exact challenges before the teams and crews competing in this year’s World...

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