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Ask Andreas Mikkelsen anything, because you know you want to

Volkswagen Motorsport decided to put one of their drivers in the line of fire, so this week we have a chance to shoot some questions in the general direction of Andreas Mikkelsen. Norwegian ace is busy with recce and preparation for upcoming Rally Sweden, but his duties will allow him to spend some time answering...


Video: “If in doubt, Marcus Grönholm”, according to Robert Kubica

Stupid, stupid slow slippery corner in special stage 9 in Monte Carlo, turning stellar performance into bitter disappointment in an instant. Does anybody care? Robert Kubica does not because rally and because there are more important things in life. Like for example Rally Sweden, round two of the World Rally Championship, set on snow and...


Citroën hoping for a home advantage in Sweden

There is, or should I say was something special in and about the snow covered stages in Sweden and Norway. For decades only Scandinavian drivers were skilled and fast enough to score victories on these special stages, up until something even more special came along. That unnatural force was Sebastien Loeb, of course, but this...


Video: Hyundai Motorsport ahead of Rally Sweden

If you hate words and cannot imagine yourself reading through anything longer than this particular sentence (like for example, this baby here, the official Hyundai Motorsport preview), but you simply must know what Hyundai Motorsport have to say about the upcoming Rally Sweden, fear not – here’s a nice little video featuring all the important...


WRC on TV, list of broadcasters updated with, well, broadcasters

WRC is on TV (live) this year. Depending on the country and broadcaster you can either enjoy the full coverage, including daily reports and live stages or you’ll only get the former and for latter you’ll need some creativity in digging up the usable (also pirated) stream on Internet. The fact that WRC is on...

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