Evans: “We managed to keep our noses clean all event”

Elfyn Evans, what a drive. First time in Monte, in a WRC car, and faced with all the challenges of 2014 event. Elfyn kept cool, calm, in fact he was so unfazed by everything that I got a bit spooked. Here’s this guy, first time here, and yet there are no doubts in his comments,...


Meeke: “Pleased for those who put their faith in me”

Kris Meeke shone in Monte Carlo this weekend and it’s a real shame Robert Kubica slid off the road right in the thick of a battle with Kris, it would be great to see them push each other for the remainder of the event. The British driver was in his element. There were no errors,...


Sebastienship continues, WRC in for more Ogiering

Somebody stop him! No, don’t do it, this is actually a fantastic start to another year of rallying and all those who think something is wrong if the sport is being dominated by one driver I don’t know what else to say but “how’s this his fault”? But I don’t think anyone is serious about...


Classic day, classic Monte, classy drives, what a sport!

Sebastien Ogier leads the overall standings after two days of rallying in the fog, rain, snow, slush and mud. Oh and some tarmac too. Wet. Which you then tackle on slicks, because why not. Seriously, this event is merciless, and it’s so beautiful because of that. Some drivers lov… erm, some drivers like it, some...


Video: Why stop lines are usually so far away from the finish line

This is one scary video, even more so because it shows a very close call by several drivers and it all happened outside of the timed special stages. If you’ve ever walked around special stages you probably noticed that stop lines are usually quite far away from the finish line, in order to give drivers...


Monte bites back, Kubica suffers, Ogier… Ogiers!

What a stage! And it was on live TV. Let me repeat that one more time. We got to see the second run of the 50 km monster of a stage live on TV. Not all of us did, though, only the people in countries which are lucky enough to have broadcasters with WRC deals...

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