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Classic day, classic Monte, classy drives, what a sport!

Sebastien Ogier leads the overall standings after two days of rallying in the fog, rain, snow, slush and mud. Oh and some tarmac too. Wet. Which you then tackle on slicks, because why not. Seriously, this event is merciless, and it’s so beautiful because of that. Some drivers lov… erm, some drivers like it, some...


Video: Why stop lines are usually so far away from the finish line

This is one scary video, even more so because it shows a very close call by several drivers and it all happened outside of the timed special stages. If you’ve ever walked around special stages you probably noticed that stop lines are usually quite far away from the finish line, in order to give drivers...


Monte bites back, Kubica suffers, Ogier… Ogiers!

What a stage! And it was on live TV. Let me repeat that one more time. We got to see the second run of the 50 km monster of a stage live on TV. Not all of us did, though, only the people in countries which are lucky enough to have broadcasters with WRC deals...


Video: Hyundai Motorsport day 1 review, Neuville’s off included

This onboard video looks pretty horrific. It was a night stage, and there was some bad weather out there, but watching the onboard from Thierry’s car all I could think of was “how did he even reach that corner”? Of course, cameras are bad at showing all the details – it would be pretty silly...


Audio: Thierry Neuville, what happened on SS1, in his own words

Why did he push so hard? Did he not know about the ice and the slippery surface? Will he ever learn? What’s the meaning of life? All these questions started popping up after the news of Thierry Neuville’s retirement reached the WRC community, but soon enough everyone settled with the more realistic “hell, shit happens”...


The best possible start to new WRC season? I think so

Rallye Monte Carlo is one tough beast. They say it’s a tarmac event, but in most cases only proper tarmac you can see (and use) is the one in Monaco. Up there, in the mountains, sections of dry or at least consistently wet tarmac are rare – instead there is ice, black ice, invisible ice,...

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