WRC – Eurosport will film it, FIA will promote it

Autosport reports of latest developments in ongoing saga regarding new media promoter and TV producer for World Rally Championship between FIA and Eurosport. After former media rights holder North One Sport went into administration and was stripped of it’s role in WRC, Eurosport emerged as only serious contender. However, it’s not that easy a fix.

Leading figures within FIA are hoping to announce deal as soon as possible, but some parties involved in World Rally Championship want more time to discuss details, especially the terms of usage of filmed material on terrestrial TV.

“I would hope there would be further engagement with the manufacturers before anything is finalised. The teams have got views and can make a contribution, a positive contribution to the process and I’d like to think the teams will be consulted before anything is finalised” said David Richards, head of Prodrive, which runs Mini’s WRC program this year, adding that idea of FIA doing the promotion and Eurosport being tasked only with filming WRC sounds better.

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