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New threat looms over the WRC

A new threat looms over us all, a threat we’ve all been waiting for. Young drivers, fierce and brave, with nothing to lose and everything to gain. Okay, maybe they’re not that safe from losing something, as this is a mighty expensive sport, but they have a point to prove and to do that they...


Let’s Speculate, Shall We?

Alright, I’ve been ruminating over this topic for the past few weeks, but have been waiting for the right time to pull the pin and throw it out there. Before I go any further, I need to make it clear that everything you are going to read is speculation… a hunch if you will. I...


Should we stay or should we snow?

Unless something terrible happens, like a tropical storm in the Arctic, the second round of the World Rally Championship should be safe and we should be getting our traditional snow fest. The organizers had to make some significant cuts, though. They took their hot knife and sliced through the itinerary to make it shorter, and...


Ogier’s frustration – I hope it’s real!

After finishing second at the season opener in Monte Carlo, Sebastien Ogier declared himself “slightly frustrated”, which can be explained in several ways. One reason for his frustration undoubtedly comes from the fact he has been winning this event for several years in succession, which itself can be partially attributed to him growing up on...


Ogier in Toyota, OK… but what happened to Citroën?

Two major bombs descended upon green pastures of World Rally Championship in recent weeks. They were closely linked and their explosion rocked our world almost in unison. Bomb number one belonged to Citroën while number two had Toyota logo on it, underlined with Sebastien Ogier’s signature. Citroën’s bomb went off first – French squad announced...

Ott Tanak 0

Ott moved on… to Hyundai

Dust has not properly settled yet on the news of Ott Tanak finally stealing the WRC title from Sebastien(s) when another tsunami wave hit us. He (Ott) decided it is time to leave his championship winning team and move from Japan (or rather Finland) to South Korea. In other words, he will not be wearing...