iRally: Eurosport deal is off!

Some hoped for the best, but many feared the worst and it seems latter were right in yet another round of tragedy called “Gone with the WRC”.

iRally reported this evening about the major meeting which took place today in Paris and which brought little fruit. In fact, it is now official – Eurosport is out of the picture for WRC this season. And of course, all that just one week before the start of second rally of the season in Sweden.

We cannot help but ask about the possible consequences for people responsible for WRC in FIA, for continuous damage done to World Rally Championship by very long but also very useless negotiations. Soon it will be just like beating a dead horse.

In the meantime, WRC remains in dark, hoping only that fans will be out in numbers in forests of Sweden so we can have FIA World Championship competition broadcasted by fan-made videos on Youtube!

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