Finally some good news: Rally Sweden sorts TV deal!

Rally Sweden organizers announced successful end to negotiation to secure TV broadcasting of the event which starts on February 9th.

Finnish broadcasting company Filmworks will be in charge of filming the upcoming event and financial backing is provided by organizers and outside supporters, but as we understand talks are still in progress with sponsors.

“We do this for our fans, to save the WC and its organizers and teams as well as our value to our sponsors”, says Swedish Rally CEO Glenn Olsson.

“It is a multi-million dollar project and since we are still not at goal, we take a large financial risk”, says Olsson.

We still find it hard to believe FIA ever allowed this to happen. Ever. Rally organizers pay hefty amount of cash to be part of World Rally Championship and to throw yet another financial brick on their shoulders is just… Well, you get the picture.

Source: Rally Sweden Website