Photo & Video: Rally Sweden by Istvan Salgovari

You can never have too much of good stuff, right? Right! With that in mind I will present two excellent photographers and videographers today, and how they both captured hot rally action in cold North during Rally Sweden.

First up is Istvan Salgovari, rally enthusiast and very skilled behind the camera. Istvan was in Sweden this year and the results are great – video and photo collection from one of the World Rally Championship’s most famous events.

You can see Istvan’s work on his website with added bonus of photos and videos from many events besides Sweden. Below is just one of Istvan’s videos, to see the rest direct your browsers towards his website by clicking the link below. As Istvan confirmed, his schedule this year is almost as busy as that of a WRC driver, so we’ll get the chance to see more of his great work soon. In the meantime, enjoy his impressions of Rally Sweden.