How to fix malfunctioning paddle shifter on Logitech DFP wheel

NOTE: Just noticed these links to do not work anymore. I am working on finding these files on my old computer so I can attach theme here!

Recently my trusty Logitech Driving Force Pro (DFP) wheel developed a strange problem, and making changes and adjustments in profiler software did not help. The problem was in paddle shifter, right paddle shifter to be more precise, the one you use to upshift.

No matter how gently or hard I pushed the paddle, wheel would translate it as two or even three impulses, so instead of going from 1st to 2nd gear, your virtual car would suddenly end up crawling out of hairpin in 4th gear. And that’s no way to drive. I tried to compensate by remapping upshift to one of the other buttons, but this is only temporary solution. And using a gear stick was not an option because I use it as handbrake lever.

First Google sessions revealed this problem is not that uncommon, and suprisingly, it’s always the upshift paddle that bites the dust first. More detailed search finally got me to The Way I play forums, and to the post made by ZZowy. Author was kind enough to put together a very detailed PDF, describing each step needed to dismantle your DFP wheel, locate the broken part and replace it. In this case, all it takes is some soldering knowledge and enough courage to actually take your device apart.

In hope this great guide will help others and that it does not suddenly vanish, I’m attaching the link below. If you own this particular wheel, save this PDF to your computer, you never know when you might need it.

Another useful tip for DFP maintenance is the guide on how to dismantle pedals unit and clean it off all the dust, or if you’re like me and own some furry pets, tons of fur.




UPDATE: All the links listed here seem to be dead, so here’s a working copy of this PDF ( Logitech DFP paddle switch replacement ), hosted locally with us. Enjoy!


Happy (virtual) racing!