Solberg and Latvala to make Rally 2 return

What was once called Superally now is known as Rally 2 – it’s a system which enables restart on the following day of the rally for the crews that retired on the previous day. Sort of like videogame restart but with some time penalties awarded for every missed stage.

Following this rule, Ford’s duo of Jari-Matti Latvala and Petter Solberg will be able to rejoin the rally tomorrow. After incurring penalties for missed stages both Latvala and Solberg were actually pretty lucky – with entire afternoon loop of stages being cancelled they avoided even higher time penalties.

Solberg only lost two stages and Latvala lost three and according to the day 2 classification on they are now 12th (Solberg) and 14th (Latvala). Norwegian is 7.35 minutes behind the leader. Latvala is further 4 minutes behind.

I’m not entirely sure how they’ll start on tomorrow stages, but it’s pretty obvious they’ll be driving among the first crews on the road.