Volkswagen to skip New Zealand

Even though Volkswagen’s 2012 programme includes participation on every round of the World Rally Championship, company is determined to alter that plan in order to set their priorities straight.

Translated, Volkswagen are not ready to sacrifice valuable time (and undoubtedly money) traveling to long haul events and competing on them with Škoda Fabia S2000 (driven by Sebastien Ogier and selection of other drivers) if they feel (and they do) it would be better to focus on development of Polo R WRC for 2013 season.

According to MaxRally, Volkswagen will most likely skip Rally New Zealand, although crews are expected to take part in recce sessions, to keep pacenotes as up to date as possible.

“If we are not concentrating on the Polo then, at the end, of the year or the start of next year, we will look back and say we made a mistake. Our programme is to be as good as possible at the first race with the Polo” said Volkswagen Motorsport director Kris Nissen.

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