What the F(IA)?

This will be short because I just had a massive pizza and I will not allow myself to be influenced by some of the “#%”!#$& antics played out by the FIA, thus spoiling my late dinner.

It’s about the priorities, and from the looks of things, FIA has them all mixed up in a strange mess we call World Rally Championship. But that’s not all, as things will become even more fuzzy if FIA’s plans become reality in next few years.

I’d like to share a thought or two on so called endurance rallies, or to be more precise, on FIA’s initiative for revival of longer and more demanding format of World Rally Championship events. I did write about this already and my thoughts are not yet defined – I mean, I love the idea, but currently it makes very little sense!

Put simply, they want longer and harder rallies instead of modern, shorter and more compact ones. Splendid! I’d love to see Safari Rally kind-of-events revived, why not? But seriously, when was the last time FIA checked their own list of entries of World Rally Championship?

There are two (2) manufacturer teams this year. OK, 2.5 if we count Mini’s bizzare entry. There is no global promotion. There is no advanced TV broadcasting. There are two (world) rally radios (I sort of kid, this is not so bad, and is topic for another story). And worst of all, there is no long-term security guaranteed to possible investors or manufacturers in the sport (to my knowledge). So, what the F(IA)?

Let’s make is simple:

Privateer teams don’t like endurance rallies idea. Why? Because they have limited budgets. Why? Because sponsors are reluctant to invest. Why? Because sport has no global promoter or solid TV scheme. Why? Because this apparently takes time. Why? Because they want to evaluate every idea and proposal and make a solid foundations for the future. But what about now? Shut the F(IA) up!

Same concept applies to manufacturer teams. I have this bad, bad feeling we’re not going to see Volkswagen making the final step and launching their WRC programme next year if current #%%/&/%&”# promoter mess persists. And I have even worse feeling FIA is not particularly worried about that very issue. With Volkswagen ready to invest in motorsports, chances are they are also considering Formula 1. And that, my friends, would make FIA vewwy, vewwy happy!

And if Volkswagen cancels their WRC programme, and I hope they don’t, we can pretty much kiss our beloved WRC goodbye and welcome it into the side-show company of FIA’s other spare-time projects, such as European Rally Championship, etc.

Indeed, how can one blame BMW for their hesitation, and Prodrive’s alleged inability to find major backer? How would you begin your negotiations for new sponsor when there are so many unknowns?

So, dear FIA, dear J&M, please stop pushing your great but out-of-touch ideas out like bad acne on saturday night and take a look at current situations. Why are you building your house from roof down, forcing expensive and unrealistic ideas and concepts on to teams and on the other hand offering nothing in return.

In fact, FIA, do you even care?

(ranting in hope someone will come up and dispute my claims with valid arguments and great news about the future, can’t wait!) :)