Laugh of the day: pace notes on iPad

This really made my day – an iPad app created as a tool that will help rally co-drivers in their difficult and very responsible task of penning down pace notes, as well as assist in editing and finally reading. While the idea sounds good for approximately 1 second, it soon becomes clear why this is wrong, or in best case, lacking badly compared to good old pencil and paper.

I can think of this app being somewhat helpful in writing and maybe editing of pace notes, but only if you are allowed unlimited amount of passes through stage and even then I just cannot see how it could be more efficient compared to pencil/paper combo. On the other hand, iPads look cool, and combined with shiny overalls and loud car really make you awesome, right?

But take that iPad out on stages and things are begining to look like something only Monty Python would come up with. What if iPad dies? Developers have a backup plan – carry around a spare set of printed notes. So instead of one set of written notes, you will carry iPad AND paper version. Great, innit? But what if iPad dies mid-stage? Do you continue driving, hoping for the best and losing time? Do you pull over and let your co-driver find his way in paper notes while you smash the effin’ device to pieces?

I admit it is possible I am missing some big and obvious benefit of this iPad system, but I cannot think of any. For 200 US dollars I would personally buy a round of beer for mechanics and team and just get on with the job in only way possible – pencil and paper.