Live TV stages should be mandatory

  • Alex

    Just one thing, tour de france is transmited live for hundreds of Km’s

  • YES please to LIVE rallying, it makes it soooo much better watching the drama as it happens, just like any other sport is better live. Cant wait for Corsica!!! I would love to hear your views on why we need the FIA anyway?? Im sick of WRC being the neglected child in the corner of the room, is there powerful internal influences (F1) within the FIA who still feel threatened by WRC upstaging their show, like when the groupB’s came and blew them away?!? So the WRC is kept deliberately low profile and stifled like the “terrorists” or pro democracy fighters in Syria held down by the status quo. I know we have some rally people now at the top, but where are they and what the hell are doing only proposing new ideas with no substance or seemingly, logic?? IRC started from nothing just a few years ago and now look at it…. easily the 2nd best championship in the world BUT it definitely has the BEST coverage in the world. If IRC had the teams and drivers from the WRC then it would be the I(W)RC would it not??? So the teams should do a break away (it nearly happened in F1) cut out the awkward middleman(FIA), the best events would follow, they would have the excellent promotion and value for money the manufactures and sponsors need and live TV that the fans crave… Why do we need the FIA?? let them sanction circuit racing, FIM sanction motorbike racing, we could start some other 3letter acronym to sanction rallying???? I mean could rugby and football be run under one body, after all they play on a square pitch and have a ball?? Rant over… It lasted much longer than I expected Sorry!! Keep up the good work ;) Kieran

  • Michael Spencer

    Aren’t you just describing the Power Stages of 2011 that NOS put on?
    As always it just comes down to cash. Obviously from the inconsistent coverage of the IRC, some can afford it, and some can’t. The WRC must be the same.

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