World Motorsport Championship – bringing F1 and WRC together

I am not sure if this idea borders with fantasy, is it even plausible or is just plain silly, but here it is anyway. The age old question on who is better driver – your average Formula 1 champion or his World Rally Championship counterpart – could be solved by putting them all together in one mixed discipline championship or event if you like. Sort of similar to what Race of Champions is doing, although I would rather see them compete on proper track as well as proper rally stages.

It comes down to some really simple factors – take one typical drivers Formula 1 track, such as Spa Francorchamps, and couple it with equally driver oriented special stage such as Ouninpohja in Finland, add a bit of Tour de Corse and end up with proper snow test. That would ideally be enough of a challenge to both sides, give or take a few tons of balls required to master either side of the spectrum. But it would also be mighty hard to organize.

Yet, idea refuses to die here. Is there really a chance of seeing both Formula 1, World Rally Championship and maybe even few other disciplines being joined together in some kind of motorsport-a-thlon to see who is best of them all. If nothing else then for pure fun, spectacle and promotion of motorsports sake.

Biggest challenge would be to get to learn the cars and single seaters enough to be confident in stages and on track. Equally challenging would be the choice of machinery – do we put them all into single brand of rally and single seater cars, do we leave it for drivers to decide, or even have them draw the cars out in a “lottery”.

There are so many possibilities to make it a unforgettable show for average motorsport and/or action sports fans in particular. I do realize this sounds like X-Games with a twist, but almost everything FIA runs and sanctions is suffering from major lack of global appeal, especially if they want to “conquer” new markets. And as silly (stupid even perhaps?) this idea of Mother of all Motorsport Championships might be, I would really like to see it happen, properly organized, with logical set of rules and F1, WRC, WTCC, Endurance stars doing and trying to do what they know best. Just because #onecannothavetoomuchmotorsport