Video: Rally Acropolis 1986-1996

  • flat-over-crest

    Sure it’s a brilliant spectacle and as a Greek rallyfan,more than pleased to see it posted.I have buried deep in my hard-drive somewhere an even longer,1 and 1/2 hour version of this video,but this will do.Appreciate your enthusiasm for our pride and joy,the Acropolis rally,which still stands tough and uncompromising,although much shorter and more ”userfriendly” than in the glorious past.
    For anyone interested in the-really- Golden Age of Rallying and the Acropolis in particular,I suggest typing ”The epic of the Acropolis Rally” on youtube,a series of quirky,artistic but deeply touching films from the 70s and early 80s rallies…Alpine A110,Stratos,Escort or Quattro,anyone?
    Cheers and love from Greece.

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