Postcard show that is WRC and F1 Twitter

I can’t say what I would do in such situation – my only visit to World Rally Championship event was 2000 Rallye Monte Carlo – but what team people and reporters of both Formula 1 and World Rally Championship thoroughly enjoy doing is snapping pictures of things in no way related to the sport at hand. Of course I do realize travel is part of it, also the fact that you end up in hotels which happen to offer amazing views, but after a while it turns into a postcard show.

Main highlight of this postcard show is to, well, show the splendor and glamour of both championships – so you have one reporter streaming images of parked supercars in Monte Carlo parking lots. Okay, yes, there are Ferraris and McLarens in worlds most desireable tax haven, especially during Grand Prix weekend. To catch drivers or teams preparing for next weekend’s race would be more interesting, but I digress.

When it comes to World Rally Championship, it’s quite similar, although due to different nature of the sport you won’t see many Ferraris and McLarens lining up the parking lots in service park in Greece. But, there is Sun in Greece! Sun! And the sea, actual, beautiful, deep blue sea. And beaches too. So, with drivers and teams being busy with their work, there’s nothing else to photograph but Sun. Be it sunrise, sunset, no matter.

To top it off, there’s that smuggy little phrase “I love my job”, it’s is just mandatory. You see, unlike your usual mortal John Doe, who can only hope to catch a 30 minute daily report on TV in the middle of the night, these lucky individuals are blessed with the best job in the world. Can I blame them? Not really, I’d also enjoy being payed to travel the world and complain about such horrific things as packing before each trip. Can you imagine? Packing! As in putting things in travel bags. And then travel aaaaaaaaalllll the way to Greece to be part of another World Rally Championship event. No wonder you get stressed and you need to stare at the Sun for a while to relax. It’s just that bad!

So, guys please, if you are already that lucky to be part of a spectacle called WRC then please share with your fans and the rallying community the images that are a tiny little bit more about the sport. Millions of fans around the world rarely get to see their heroes outside of their usual working routine – even images from recce are so precious because they reveal yet another aspect of crew’s job. Now imagine catching up with drivers on their days off, or lurking around team HQs and snapping some images on how they prepare for the upcoming rally – these are the images fans are curious to see.

Of course, I might be all wrong about this – I’m also sucker for lovely nature and gorgeous views – but I’m also very curious on what the rest of the WRC event magic is all about. So, enough of the Sun or the parked supercars, give us our heroes! 8-)

photo: random sunset from the Net