Sebastien Loeb in the lead after SS6

Frenchman Sebastien Loeb maintains his lead after completing six stages of 2012 Acropolis Rally, 10.1 seconds ahead of leading Ford driver Jari-Matti Latvala. Mikko Hirvonen rounds up the top three further five seconds behind Latvala.

Finnish driver complained on the car “understeering and oversteering on muddy and loose surface”, adding that “when it’s grippy and dry, car is great”.

Petter Solberg really made his mark on today’s stages so far up until the last stage of the second loop. After setting impressive split times Solberg ran into problems not far from finish of the stage six, hitting the rock with the bottom of the car, possibly damaging the propshaft and destroying one of the wheels in the process.

Despite problems Solberg is still holding on to fourth overall, 1.8 seconds behind Hirvonen. Safe to say, if not for the problems with bizarre tyre choice yesterday Solberg would be in a bit better position and possibly would not have to push as hard.

For now it remains to be seen what kind of damage Solberg’s Fiesta RS WRC suffered in SS6 incident, but my understanding is he will continue after remote service.