Dear new WRC promoter

FIA is scheduled to announce the identity of new global promoter for World Rally Championship at the next World Motor Sport Countil meeting on June 15.

This should, by all means, be good news for the sport and we all know pinnacle of rallying really could use some good news at the moment.

So with the new promoter soon to be announced, let me list few things I hope they can bring into WRC, perhaps even in time for the remaining events this year.

First and foremost we would like to see a financially solvent promoter – promise you will not “do a BMW” thing, pulling out as soon as the real scope of the project hits you. Another pretty important thing would be to make sure this new promoter is under no criminal or any other kind of investigation. We had that, wasn’t that much fun when and how it ended for people involved. So, if you’re financially above the water and Interpol is not your most keen follower, you’re most welcome!

I can only hope new promoter could bring more sense into media accreditation procedures and methods, and look to use either WRC’s official website or even FIA’s website to provide regular media updates with, dare I say it, high resolution imagery available to both press AND online media. No, that does not mean Sutton, McKlein or LAT should make their entire archive available to public, but it should be totally possible to have at least 5 to 10 images per event available to the press and media, perhaps even with video reviews and highlights, much like IRC is doing thanks to Eurosport. And there is much more that could be done to bring WRC closer to professional media around the world. Do not lock the sport away and for the love of all the Ford’s bad luck moments, please do not turn WRC into even more exclusive club designed for exclusive lucky few members alone.

Hopefully, WRC will finally have a stronger presence in social media and networks while at the same time using these outlets to bring new fans to the sport.

You know, this is rally we’re talking about and not NASCAR or Formula 1… existing rally fans are usually people with at least basic sense of creativity and they will find their resources around the Internet, but WRC must bring in new fans and present the sport in exciting and informative manner to those unfamiliar with laws and rules of rallying. Use the teams, use the drivers, do some funny presentations or shows a la Mikko Hirvonen’s travel videos.

I don’t really need to reiterate the desire to have live TV as well as live web tracking as soon as possible, do I?

Dear new WRC promoter, even if it turns out you’re FIA, please listen to your fans and give them ways to speak out. As much as you’d like to first and foremost please your own wallet, then the wallets of the manufacturers, in the end you will still need fans and fans alone. Just saying.