Can fan donations save struggling WRC events?

  • Michael Spencer

    People seem to constantly complain about the situation the WRC has been in for many years with falling interest and profile.
    Perhaps it’s because the WRC has spent too long including terrible events on the calendar for political reasons.
    Maybe this is the wake up call the WRC needs to cut some of them loose.
    Also, many of the events are 100% commercial operations run by private companies that make lots of money – so why do people feel sorry for them having to pay some cash?

  • Alex Langheck

    Some events don’t need help or donations, some charge huge amounts for tickets, and wouldn’t be out of place at a Premier League game or F1 race…….And, for a minority sporting event. Yes, I’m talking about you RallyGB….£130 for a WorldRallyPass…….obscene amount.

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