FIA is looking for (new) timing and tracking service provider(s)

After similar call for expressions of interest for future global promoter of World Rally Championship, FIA has now issued another such “call”, this time dealing with the timing and tracking services.

More precisely, FIA is looking for technical partner, or supplier of timekeeping, results and tracking services – and this would ideally be a company such as Stage One Technology, current provider of said services.

At the same time, FIA is looking for marketing partner, willing to deliver some much needed cash and in exchange be named official timing partner, official tehnology and/or official mapping partner. Or even all three! To certain extent this used to be Nokia, and I understand watch maker Edox is still in partnership with the WRC.

I can’t say if FIA’s latest announcement is just a formality needed to sign long-term contract with current tracking and timing provider, Stage One Technology, and other current partners, or is FIA genuinely looking for alternatives out there? With regards to the marketing partnership, it’s everyone’s hope that FIA was already contacted by potential investors and is now seeking to follow usual procedure – expressions of interest, then half-a-year to collect and discuss them, etc.

I wonder if this is in any way connected to Stage One Technology’s intention to work together with the FIA and WRC event organizers and even help financially to bridge some gaps in short term. As you might remember, Stage One Technology released such statement not long after the now-forgotten drama about 100.000 euro fee become widely popular in WRC.

It is also possible this has nothing to do with 2012 season and WRC’s current partners and is instead part of larger scheme aimed at securing a long-term future for the sport.



Blah, blah, to be honest. As Fer suggested in comments below, first paragraph of FIA’s release actually gives answers to all these “questions”. So… go me!

FIA official release.