New poll: Have you ever purchased any WRC related merchandise?

Long, long time ago I ordered one piece of WRC merchandise and I am happy to say this particular item is still doing great, even though it saw fair share of abuse and use – as I believe any WRC related thing should!

It was a T-shirt bought from then official Subaru World Rally Team website and it still has all it’s colours intact, from greenish team logo to silver “lines” and the famous blue of the shirt itself.

As we all very well know, teams are being very careful about every (million) euro they spend these days – and they will be very happy if they see some kind of return of the investments. Of course, they will be much happier to see actual road car sales go up after team’s successes in rally battlefields, but they will not say no to our cash as well if we decide to dish out some of it to get that lovely T-shirt or a hat or similar merchandise.

Official and non-official and even semi-official and blatantly low quality and certainly not official merchandise is available all over the interwebs, and I truly hope the amount of shops and available items will increase with the arrival of new teams and drivers next year and in the years after that. I mean, you cannot go spectate rally and cheer for the likes of Sebastien Ogier and not being fully clad in “Little Seb” uniform, right?

If you like, please take part in the poll below and let me know if you’ve ever parted with some of your own (or Dad’s or Mom’s) money to get any WRC related merchandise?


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